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If you want good forex education forget buying an e-book from a vendor for $100 or so, who has never made money in his life and get down to your bookstore and get some forex education from traders who have walked the walk - rather than simply talk the talk!

Of over 600 books I read, I have picked six that are essential reading for any trader and you can get them for $100 bucks or so, which could be the best money you ever invested.

So check out the books below and make them part of your forex education.

1. Market Wizards - by Jack Schwager

Interviews with the top traders in the world. A look at everyday life of people who make a living trading - this is simply a classic and I still find myself visiting it after 20 years and re reading it. If you can't learn from such trading legends as Richard Dennis, Paul Tudor Jones, William O'Neil, and Marty Schwartz - then you can't learn from anyone!

2. The New Market Wizards - by Jack Schwager

More interviews with top traders from around the world. This book is the same format as Market Wizards and brings together some top traders and again benefits from Schwager's great interview technique.

3. Trader Vic--Methods of a Wall Street Master Victor Sperandeo

This is perhaps one of my favorite books and you will see why after reading it, he has been such a consistent trader and his focus on long term results, money management and long term trend following are essential reading - his "2B" test technique, it is worth the price of the book alone.

4. The Zurich Axioms: Investment Secrets of the Swiss Bankers - Max Gunter

I picked this book up and read it in one sitting - an absolutely fantastic, if un-conventional book!

If you have accepted investment wisdoms such as diversify to make gains be prepared to re consider your view.

It's the type of book that is so easy to read, yet gets your adrenalin pumping with every page, until you're buzzing at the end and want to turn on your computer and trade!

5. What I Learned Losing a Million Dollars (Hardcover) Jim Paul and Brendan Moynihan

An inspiring story of a real person who lost a million and a half bucks and tells his tale, with great insight including, even contemplating suicide at one point. If you don't think emotions get the better of you in trading this book will show you how they can.

There are too few books that tell us how to avoid losing money they all ocncentrate on how easy it is to make money and thats what makes this book so unique.

All the mistakes that forex and other traders make are outlined, explained, and amusingly told in this boo.

The book gives you an affinity with the author which brings makes his message even more powerful.